Monday, 13 December 2010


suspense is build by many technical elements. 
the music used in scenes builds tension up, the music is normally slowly then builds up. this also engages the audience making them think that something is going to happen.
suspense is also build by creating cliff hangers. cliff hangers make the audience go the the edge of their seats, this is a good way of ending a opening scene because it makes the audience feel like the movie will be interesting and full of suspense. 
The use of false plateau's builds up the tension and also makes the audience think something is going to happen, when it is clear that nothing will happen some directors add the punch.


This is a clip in the opening scene from The Shining.

     Suspense is built in thriller films by scary music and when the audience knows something the character does not. Thriller films give visceral effects which means it affects us physically. such as, hugging a pillow or screaming. suspense is also build by cliff hangers. cliff hangers put the audience on the edge of their seat and want to watch more so they know what happens next. 


Suspense as a film sub-genre incorporates aspects of thriller and horror films. It is a way to describe any part of a film that creates a feeling of uncertainty or anxiety. To heighten the feeling of suspense music soundtracks, certain camera angles and false plateau's among other things can be used. Alfred Hitchcock an acclaimed film director expertly uses the feeling of suspense in this clip: