Thursday, 3 February 2011



When creating your title sequence you will have to think carefully what type of message you want to be sending out.

There are two different types of fonts:

Serif and San serif. They both give two different impressions to a film when creating a title sequence.

Sans Serif
  • Traditional
  • Highly educated
  • High class

  • Casual
  • Educated
  • Middle class

An example where this is used is in the Times newspaper.
An example where this is used is

I have analysed two different types of film posters.

Serif font is used in this poster. The letters are in capitals because the film is set in the past. Also the capital letters enthuses that the film is about military, also shown in the costumes the characters are wearing. The capital letters and the characters shown in military uniform also show that this film is all about being organised, like the title, bold and simple.

 Sans serif is used in this poster. The text is big and bold which shows that this is important. The text is easy to read and also stands out. The sans serif also shows that the character is casual, less educated. The capital letters also show the character is brave and strong. Also the curves on the letters show that the character has a soft side, also the women in the picture shows his got a soft side. 

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