Friday, 4 February 2011

Prelim match cut

This is our anamatic prelim we done using jelly babies. The idea was to have a chase scene where someone is cornered and then hurt in a corner. We used the 180 degree rule where you only film from one side so it does not confuse the viewer. We used final pro to edit the clip together, and soundtrack pro to do the music.

This is the prelim cut where we are in it instead of the jelly babies, it is not totally the same as the anamatic prelim, however we improvised in some parts and went against our plans because we had better ideas, as we believe this is the best way to work and not stick to a linear structure as a lot of great movie scenes are done on improv, especially with the dialogue. We also didn't want to do the basic standard work that we was told, we thought it would be more creative and unique to create a chase scene that then lead to people entering a room, instead of having a boring slow video where someone enters a room and talks, which was the instructions. So we took it upon ourselves to try and make an exciting chase scene and show off our camera and editing skills in the process. We edited the clip with final cut pro and with only using one camera we tried to make it look like it was all done in one scene and not repeated which was very difficult and hard to pull off for only our second time editing.

Here you can see how precious our editing is. We editing two different shots to match each other, when one of the characters jump on the stairs we edited the other shot to match the moment his lands.

Here you can see we entered text in our clip. We done this by using LiveType then importing it onto Final Cut. We also added a fade effect so that it looks smooth when it comes on and goes.

Here is where we recorded a separate piece of filming but we only used the sound. We edited the sound into our clip so that it matches each other, We had to preciously match the two pieces together because if they wasn't the sound would of came on in the wrong place and not have made sense when watching it.

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