Thursday, 17 March 2011

3 analysed scenes in detail

I have watched the movie Phone booth which is a psychological thriller staring Colin Farrell. I have analysed 3 scenes that I believe creates suspense.

Scene 1

As Stew (Colin Farrell) is on the phone to a mysterious man, he also is on the phone to his wife; he ends the call with his wife as two “hookers” are annoying him by slamming on the phone booth wanting to get in to use the phone. We suddenly see a little toy robots roughly around 5-8 metres away from the booth, in the next shot the toy is only a few centre metres away. Also the mysterious man on the phone scares Stew by cocking his rifle, the tempo of the background music suddenly picks up pace. As the mysterious man counts down from 3 we expect him to shoot Stew but instead the little toy robot that was just outside the booth blows up. The music stops straight away.

Scene 2

Stew still on the phone to the mysterious man gets a signal from the police officer there that they have located the mysterious man who has a rifle, as Stew tell the mysterious man that they found him the tempo of the background music speeds up, also the mysterious man’s speech speeds up too. We cut to a quick shot of armed officers going up some stairs to get the mysterious man. The mysterious man threatens to kill Stew’s wife but Stew runs out of the phone booth saying “take me” we cut to many different close up shots of random windows from many different buildings. Suddenly we hear gun shots, Stew drops to the floor but there is no blood as he was shot by a double bullet.

Scene 3

In one of the last few scenes of the movie we see Stew now in the back of an ambulance car just being given an injection to help him feel better. Because of the injection Stew was given his vision gets blurry, he looks around seeing an arm, he looks up hearing the mysterious man’s voice, we don’t see the man’s face until he walks away and the camera follows him. There is then a few seconds of narration saying “Isn’t it funny you hear a phone ring and it could be anybody, but a ringing phone has to be answered doesn’t it, doesn’t it” we then hear sound effects of a ringing phone and digital sounds when suddenly, 3 seconds of silence with the audience not knowing what is going to happen when a unexpectedly a new person says “hello” which tells us that the mysterious man will be doing the same thing to another person as he just did to Stew.

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