Thursday, 31 March 2011

Question 1 - Evaluation - CORRECTED UPLOAD - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Above is our thriller film opening that we have submitted for our AS grade - in this altered edit, I have used  Final Cut Pro to insert the intertextuality and inspiration we used for our opening sequence. In this alternate edit of our opening, I have placed the various films and/or videos that inspired our film opening.

This alternate edit demonstrates how we channeled the codes and conventions of thriller film openings. In the first intertextual reference in the top-right corner of the screen. I have uploaded a scene where split screen editing used within a thriller film opening. The inserted reference shows a tram passing through at two different times in the day, we used this idea of split screening during an opening for our thriller opening. We cropped our establishment shots and placed them beside each other to create the split screen effect.
Establishment shots are a key element of thriller film openings. Establishment shots provide an indication to the location of the opening of your film, and can be key determining factors of the plot. We used this code and convection of establishment shots and combined it with split-screen editing.

The second codes and conventions reference I have placed in this alternate edit of our thriller film opening, is the identification shots of the lead character of the thriller. For this we used a tracking shot of the lead character driving a car - in our case the BMW. Displaying and showing your lead character within the beginning moments of your thriller opening is a key form, code and convention of thriller openings, which we have used in our thriller opening.

The following codes and conventions reference within this alternate edit of our thriller opening, is a scene from "A Christmas Story" a french thriller. The opening scene I have inserted from the film shows a silhouette of the villain. We have used this idea of keeping a key character of the films identity hidden within the opening in our thriller opening, by applying a blurred effect to our camera and using brightness/contrasts settings in editing we have hidden our kidnappers identity until later on in the opening.

The closing code and conventions reference applied within this alternate edit of our thriller opening, is the opening sequence of Thriller film staple Guy Ritchie and his film "Snatch". In "Snatch"'s opening, key characters of the film morph into a freeze frame snapshot to highlight their significance to the film openings plot. We have developed this key thriller code and convention and used freeze frame snapshots to highlight key points within our thriller opening, as opposed to highlighting and introducing key characters.

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