Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3 - Audience for my product

Who would be my audience?

A day in the life of my average target audience will consist of may activities:
6.30-7.30 get up, jog for a mile, go home shower, get ready for work
8.00-12.00 work as trainer for youth football academy till lunch
12.00-1.00 get a sandwich from local deli and meet up wtih collegeues
1.00-3.00 go to primary schools and help coach kids during their p.e lessons
3.00- 6.00 go to gym after work for daily workout
6.00-6.30 go home, shower get ready to go pub 
7.00-9.00 get to pub and stay for only 2 hours if its a weekday then get home

The above video was constructed by Jerome Holder, a member of my group.

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