Thursday, 24 March 2011

Planning of Location

When deciding on where to film, we thought about what scenes we had, and we knew that we had a scene where the husband had an average day at work and he notices the murderer from across the street. So we decided to film in Canary Wharf, because it is a high end business place where a respectable person would work. Canary Wharf is a place with very high security and they do not like people filing their as it is a security risk and high terrorist alert. Therefore we got permission to film before hand, we spoke to the police officer, officer CW 251 and he gave us the go ahead to film all around Canary Wharf after he checked if we were genuinely A Level media students on his walkie talkie talking to someone on the other end. After this we found a sign saying canary wharf on it and decided to film there so when the it is watched the audience know where it is set. 

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