Wednesday, 23 March 2011


When planning our thriller film we had to put a lot of thought into our costumes, as our movie is set over a number of days. It meant that we wasn't always going to be wearing the same thing, because what person wears the same thing 5days in a row? Therefore we decided upon different casual outfits to wear on different scenes, we went for the more casual look but while wearing alot of black to connote that he was a criminal and that he was a sinister person.  

The Canary Wharf scene
  This scene was our most well prepared and thought out part of our costume design, we put alot of effort into making this work and believe we succeeded.   

The Murderer

The Husband

We chose these two outfits to show that the murderer was a bad person, so by dressing him in all black it would show he has bad intentions and is up to no good. Also the husband was dressed in a suit to show it was a average day at work for him and that he was a respectful upstanding citizen that did not deserve the bad fortune of having his wife murdered. This is a character that our target audience could relate to, as we would want to do the same as him in his position.

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