Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thriller Audiences - Research


2010 saw box office success for many thrillers. 27 films last year cracked the top 10 of worldwide box office outlets, proving that the demand for thriller films is still prominent, and that audiences are still packing in to cinemas to see the latest thrilling films.

Above are trailers for two of the years biggest success's - the thrillers "Shutter Island" and "The A-Team" which represent both the Psychological thriller denomination and the Action thriller denomination. "Shutter Island" released through Paramount pictures, was directed by prestigious director Martin Scorcese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Filmed with an $80 million budget, the film went on to gross over $800 million worldwide.

"Black Swan" starring Natalie Portman was another thriller released last year which saw an emphatic reception from audiences worldwide - the film went on to gather numerous Oscar nominations, with the films leading actress picking up her fest Best Actress Oscar. Further evidence that thrillers are in high demand and are able to garner both critical success and pack in audiences.

After researching into the genre, I have concluded that Thrillers are marketed to a more adult consumer, with the highest grossing thrillers, displayed above all carrying a British Film Council certificate of "15". Thrillers tend to have dramatic storyline's that examine the psychological aspects of human beings, and also examine the thrilling aspects of life also.

In 2009, UK Box Office intakes hit their highest since 2002. Surpassing the £1 Billion threshold, thrillers had one of the largest contributions to the record-breaking year.

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