Friday, 25 March 2011

My experience

After finally finishing our project i looked back thinking about the experience i have had. I am very pleased with our final result but during the filming and editing process we did have our problems. We all had our opinions, some we agreed with and some we didn't.

During filming i had fun enjoying acting but also giving my opinion on what shots to take and how to make the shot more effective, we had a few arguments during this process but this is because all of us had different visions on how to film. In the editing process we had many arguments about choosing what shot to use and when.  We also had talks about what effects we should use during editing. I didn't have much contribution in the soundtrack as i had many arguments with my fellow colleague Abdul. I also added my thoughts on the titles on how we can make it look more effective.

I believe that the whole experience was fantastic even though we had a few arguments, but i believe without arguments a group cannot get through to produce a master piece like we did.

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