Thursday, 24 March 2011

Editing process

Here are the screen shots we took while editing.

We decided to start off with a split screen because it will match with the narration which we will put in about London having a good side but also a bad side, this also interacts with our two different characters and how the husband changes his persona from good to bad when he finds his wife dead.

This is our final product of our opening split screen, we will also add in the narration and the text. 

We have some key shots that are paused and are in black and white, this is to show the audience that these are important shots.  In the first key shot you can see that the husband character is in control attacking his wife's killer while he is tied up.

In the second key shot we see that the roles have changed. This time its the husband who is being hit by his wife's killer. These two shots also show that there is a element of surprise and that anything could happen. 

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