Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question 1-In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge conventions of real media products?

Our media film is quite similar to a lot opening sequences whether they be independent film to blockbusters to even music videos.

For the opening establishment shots we sourced from the video for Jay Z ft Alicia keys song New York. We fell in love with the shot immediately and we flipped it an used it showcase our vision for the gritty London scenes our film was attempting to portray.
we directly mimicked the spilt screen shots to the best of our ability and we replaced them with London counterparts as you can see above. This use of intertextuality was necessary in helping our audience understand that this is a thriller.

The shot below is a shot from the car chase scene in the James Bond film Die Another Day.
We liked the fact that the shot was angled so it could capture the front of the car while it was being chased. so we managed to pull of our shot by shooting from behind the bus since we never had the logistics help available to us that this blockbuster film did. We used the shot of the white BMW in kings cross and placed it as part of the establishments of the gritty London our film was portraying. The use of intertexuality here helped the audience understand and relate this thriller to the other thriller referenced here.

 This shot as you can see is the ever familiar panning shot used in the film Stepfathers. We mimicked it directly to the best of our ability since the safety risk concerned if we were to used much more sharper objects. So we used a couple of tools and placed them in a white tile to show the contrast. this clear intertexual reference helped the audience understand that this is a thriller as well.

This shot of jem being hit by asilhan above while the camera colour turns to grey and freezes was semi sourced from the shot below. this shot below was used in the film snatch which is a guy Ritchie film about the gritty streets of London and we felt it appropriate to use a shot as unique as that since we shared many elements with the film it was originally sourced from. this is the most clearest intertexual reference we used in our film to tell our audience that our film was a thriller like snatch 

This shot of jem while sitting on edge of the bed but with Rebbecca in the scene sitting at other end of the bed behind him is directly sourced from this famous shot of diddy marketing his new fragrance. I came across this shot by mere luck. i was researching famous bedroom shots in google when this result came up. the caption was totally different to what it was originally meant to be and had 'wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy' these referencing lyrics to the famous kesha song tik tok.

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