Monday, 17 January 2011

Detailed analysis of thriller clip

The Shining

The clip starts with a black background and white text in capitals saying “TUESDAY”. We then have an extreme long shot of the environment which is a building which looks like a hotel in front of a mountain. We then cut to a shot of a kid riding his bike; the camera follows him from a distance. The way the camera is moving feels like you (the viewer) is in a bike behind him. While the child is riding his bike we hear the sounds of him peddling. 5 seconds later music in the background begins, the music makes you feel like something is going to happen, and it has a mysterious noise. We follow the child in his bike for roughly 32 seconds when suddenly he looks to his left and stops. When the child stops peddling the camera has a small zoom into him. We see a shot of a door with the door number 237, there is a low-angle shot used showing the child but focusing on the door. We then have a close up of the child’s face with his eyes looking at the door, we cut back to the low-angle shot of the child and the door for 4 seconds when the camera shot again changes this time to a medium shot of the child in his bike. As the child gets off his bike and walks to the door slowly, the camera follows him. As this is all happening the background music is still being played until the child tries lets go of the door knob after trying to open the but failing. At 1:35 of the clip the music stops for a second and changes tone, the music becomes deeper. We cut to a quick medium shot of two girls then back to the boy. He then gets back on his bike, as he peddles away we do not follow him this time, it’s a long shot of the corridor, we also hear him peddling away as the clip comes to an end.

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