Sunday, 23 January 2011

Suspense Created Within Film

The fast paced nature of the editing in the scene above, keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, anticipating what is coming next, the soundtrack behind the pictures also place a support to the fast editing. The music provides suspense using percussion instruments. The narration behind the music also heightens the suspense because it adds another layer to what is happening so the viewer has more to think about, this makes it even more terrifying when something all of a sudden happens.

The use of a soundtrack in this particular scene shows how a soundtrack can reall heighten suspense. Using a close up shot revealling the message "Never Answer The Phone" the soundtrack immediately changes and gives me a feeling of something has gone seriously wrong. As soon as this message is revealed in the close up shot of the protagonists arms the soundtrack becomes more layered and therefore adds to the suspense. It must also be noted that by using a black and white effect, this scene plays to the thriller charecteristic of "not knowing what's really going on" the black and white effect, in my opinion adds to that characteristic.

In this last scene, particularly the acting and the camera work create a feeling of suspense, once again acompanied by a black and white effect the scene automaically have a feeling of "what's going on". The cutaways to the character Sammy in this clip see the camera slowly zooming in on him repetitively - this heightens the feeling of suspense and creates a sense of the camera searching for the "real" Sammy - a theme ongoing throughout the film. In terms of acting and body language, the dramamtic pause  delivered by the protagonist on the phone, lengthens the feeling of suspense and sees the character come to an epiphany that changes the course of the events within the film.

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