Thursday, 27 January 2011

response to the 'watching' documentary
 After we watched the 30 min documentary in class we were given a couple of questions to answer regarding it.
A 1) He means that director should consider aiming to draw in the audiences attention as much as possible. he also points out that they should be kept for 'long term commitment' and not instant 'arousal' and that techniques should be used that will not reveal too much to the audience, but enough to leave for the audience to find out.
A 2) It will result in the rest of the film being dedicated to answering questions that were caused by the 'instant arousal' in the start.
A 3) Because you should aim to reveal only some info but leave enough room and eagerness for the audience to watch the rest and find out more
A 4) Because this opening through its camera work takes us directly into the interior of the characters life.
A 5) Because it was discreet and had powerful use of editing to create a unique sequence that was distinct from the rest of the film.
A 6) Its holds the record for the longest scene filmed in one take and universal studios decided to music over the sequence when the director himself did not want it there.
A 7) The trick is to put the ending at the start of the film and have the rest of the film lead up to the events that unfold in the beginning
A 8) The camera takes the role of a predator when tracking the car driving pass the mountains.

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