Wednesday, 26 January 2011

LiveType introduction

We were recently introduced to a program called "LiveType". This is a program that is used to create texts. This program is commonly used for when creating introductions to movies with text or the credits.

Here is a quick example to how to use the program.

You type the text you want to appear in the little square in the top right corner.
You can change the size of the text if you want to by adjusting the setting, which is under the text box.

There are many different type of ways of changing your text, one of your options is to go into effects and select how you want your text to appear. You can also change the font and the background.

After you have done your selections, you will have to render the clip so that you can add it to programs such as Final Cut Pro. This has helped me because it will now be easier for me to edit credits and titles into our final piece of work, which is an opening scene of a Thriller.

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