Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to cameras

Introduction to cameras

There is a few rules you have to follow when using equipment.

  • When borrowing equipment always check that they work before leaving to film.
  • Also say where you are going to film and make sure it is not a dangerous place.
  • Do not break the law. E.g. do not access unauthorized places or graffiti unless you have got permission from the local council.
  • Also carry 2 batteries and SD cards with you making sure you have enough time for filming.
  • The SD cards are inserted into the slots which are under the viefinder.
  • When inserting battery, place it into the compartment and slide to the left, to release slide to the right.
  • To switch the camera on or off turn the blue button to on/off.
  • You will hear a sound when you turn on the camera.
  • The camera has its own mic but you can connect a more powerful one to the camera.
  • When recording you can make it lighter by putting the gain to high.
  • When recording make sure the camera does not get wet, if your going to film while its raining make sure the camera is fully covered and protected from the rain.
  • Do not touch the cameras lens because it is the most sensitive and expensive part of the camera, also once your finger touches the lens there will be a fingerprint on the screen when recording.
  • You can always check how much time you have left of recording by the index button.
  • The cam/media button always you to flick between recording and playing back clips that you have just shot.
  • When recording make sure you count down from 5 so that in editing you can add more effects such as fade.
  • When setting up a tripod make sure that the 3 legs are set out equally and that they are locked. You can make sure that the tripod is level by the spirit level.
  • When attaching the camera to the tripod make sure slide the camera from the back of the tripod. Make sure you then lock the camera on by the toggle on the side. When taking the camera off the tripod hold the red button and slide the camera backwards.
  • Make sure you bring the equipment back on time without it being damaged.

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