Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thriller Clip Analysis

 Marathon Man is a 1979 thriller film directed by John Schlesinger

The beginning of the clip starts off with digetic sound of a crowd cheering while the titles are still on the screen. It then changes to a medium of shot of a black man running in a race. The shot is in black and white which shows that it is from the past and not the present time in the movie. It then switches between close ups of his hands and face so we can see his emotions and that he is checking behind him to see where everyone else is, which shows he is leading the race. The sound of the crowd cheering now slowly starts to lower as the man then reaches the finish line, he then out stretches his arms, this is where we have a medium shot of him crossing the finish line, it then freezes and starts to slowly zoom into his face then it fades to another shot which is in colour that shows that it is the present time in the movie.   

It then shows a close up of a shadow which belongs to another man who is also jogging, however this one is not running in a race as we see pavements and there is not crowd cheering there is instead a creepy tense non-digetic noise which builds tension as it makes it feel like something is wrong. You can also hear digetic sounds of the mans heavy breathing. The close up of the mans shadow last for around 30seconds which is quite long in a 3 minute opening. this build a lot of suspense and tension as it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for something to happen.The clip then swiftly changes to a close up of some sort of safe and you see a man using a key to unlock it and he pulls out a container, at this point the creepy music has now become more intense and is slowly building up the tension through increasing the sounds of the music. The scene then switches back to the man who was jogging, but now we see a close up of his face, the same shot in which we saw the man in the beginning where it was in black and white.

We then see the a close up shot of a creepy old man who took out the container, but he has now placed it on a table. The camera slowly zooms into his upper body as he is taking something out of the container. We then see a close up of him take another small box out of the container and the camera tracks his hand as he places it in his pocket. The creepy music still plays throughout this whole scene. We then see a long shot of the man running coming towards the camera and entering a street with alot of people on it, this shows us that he is just running around town like a normal jogger. It then switches back to the old man with the container and does a panning shot of him walking and giving the container to a security guard who locks it back up with a key. This shows us that whatever was in the box was a important secret and must be locked away. This makes us curios to what was in the container and makes us want to watch on to find our more.
                                           Only watch up to 3 minutes

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