Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How suspense is created in 3 scenes from Memento

There are three scenes in memento which i think create suspense, the opening scene, the phone scene and the scene where Leonard  has flashbacks of his wife being raped and murdered.

The opening scene in memento is a very tense scene, a main part of its suspense is created through the non-digetic sound which is played throughout.the music connotes sadness to me and is a very emotional piece of music. Moreover suspense is created in this scene because you see a photo of blood which shows that a crime has been committed and that it will be a crime thriller, the fact that it is done backwards also tells us it will be a psychological thriller. The camera shot in this scene is an over the shoulder shot looking at the polaroid picture, this way we see through the eyes of the character. 

Another scene which creates tension and suspense in memento is the phone scene where he unveils his tattoo to find it is telling him not be on the phone. Suspense is created through him just having a normal conversation that seems to have nothing suspicious about it, until we have a close up of him pulling off the cover of his tattoo and it telling him not to be on the phone. This startles the audience, and like the character puts them into a shock, the camera switches between him and the tattoo, focusing on the two main things in the scene, his expressions and what hes about to unveil. When he does pull of the tissue covering it we hear dramatic music enphasisng on the fact that this is strange and un-ordinary. He then asks who it is on the phone and then they hang up. This is very freaky because it is as if the person on the phone knew he had just seen his tattoo and so hung up. We then get a long shot of him alone in the room to show to nothing else was in the room to see that he had seen his tattoo and therefore freaks the audience out. 

This movie is done backwards where everything happens in reverse order. This in itself can build a level of suspense as you want to know what happened previously to what you have just seen. For example in the beginning you see a man get shot on the floor, but you know nothing about who this man is or what he has done, so you therefore want to know more and carry on watching the movie.  

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