Thursday, 20 January 2011

Title Sequence

Title sequences are a very important part for any movie, this is the first bit the audience will see, and will set up their opinions on it from the start. If you have a good title sequence, its more likely your film will follow on in the same way. It is also the point where you say the names of the companies which made the film, and who will be staring in it. 

A example of a good title sequence is The Taking of Pelham 123

In this opening it takes a few seconds to start up, this is a good thing because it is slowly building suspense. It shows us the companies that made the movie which was Columbia, this is good because they are a well known company and respected for the many good films which they have made. Rectangles then scroll along the screen uncovering over companies which helped make the film. These rectangles resemble trains which is what the film is about and a good way to tie in the plot with the title. You then hear fast pace up beat music as the camera starts to move faster, this shows the film is going to be quick paced with alot of action. As the camera is filming the streets of new york it switches between slow motion and fast speed, this also shows the film is going to be high tempo and exhillerating.

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