Sunday, 9 January 2011

Thriller Sub Genres 

Thriller is one of the few Hybrid Genre's this means it can combine to different two genres together
Sub Genre. Is a film that falls under the main genre category but has distinctive features that allow it to be linked into another genre
examples include;
  •  Psychological thriller - Memento
  •  Action thriller - Resident Evil
  •  Political thriller - the ghost writer
  •  Romantic thriller - Mr and Mrs Smith
  •  Sci Fi thriller - Apollo 18

I can draw inspiration from all of these sub genres which means i might incorporate some elements from quite alot of them into my film but the sub genre i think i will choose to be play a key part are probably the action subgenre. this is becuase i feel this will be more appealing as well as being more easier to pull off than something like sci-fi thriller which will require lots of effects and expertise. (something an AS media student will mostly probably be lacking) this is why i feel this sub genre will be more of a suitable choice for our media film

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