Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION - Audience feedback and comment

After viewing me and my groups thriller opening we got many comments back.

We had many positive feedback from our thriller opening.

The slow motion used at the begining is very good
Th tilt shot used at 1:19 is very impressive, also shows the setting in a fantastic way
The voice over used matched the actions  in the opening, an example of this is when the narration says "then he penny dropped" the bottle in the characters hand drops at the same time.
We got many positive feedback for the accent used in the opening.
The titles looks very professional because of the size and font used.

Even tho we got many positive feedback we did have some negative feedback. We got told that there was too much going on for an opening, the opening looks more like a short movie because they are not sure what will happen next.

Our original target audience was young men (around 18-25) but the feedback we got suggested that the audience is more for older men (around 30-40).

Although our sub genre was action we did get told it felt like a gangster movie due to the accent used for the character, but the footage in the opening did make it feel like an thriller-action movie.

Here is some of the feedback i recorded

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