Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation: Question 4&5- How will you attract audience

If we were to market this film as a gigantic cinematic release, one of the key ways of marketing would be through physical means. these could be posters as shown above. i have contrasted the mass marketing of 007 james bond posters with our own counterpart with our main protagonist.

We would also consider using billboards as part of our huge marketing campaign. they would be placed in city centres and places like airports just like they are used here for the james bond film.

We would also consider using press as part of our campaign. we would incorporate strategies already used successfully by big blockbusters like front page covers of magazines and newspapers.

Finally we will consider a nationwide release by showcasing our product in large cinemas like odeon and vue and other large cinema complexed once we have our premier in leicester square just like the bond film did above so kit could it generate significant interest before we expand 

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