Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION Q3) Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for our film is mainly middle aged white British males between the ages of 22-50. As our film is in the genre of thriller/gangster, I believe that it will attract an older audience as it is for a more mature person as their would be a lot of swearing and violence in the film and wouldn't be for the faint hearted. Moreover as it is set in London it will be more targeted for people from London. I believe it will also be more of a film for the working man class, not so much middle class as it is not a the most intellectual film around, however some may still enjoy it and watch it.

I have comprised a fictional person, and have put together a montage of pictures of things that would relate to his life. 

This is Gary Hooper, he is your average working class man of the east end. he works as a black taxi driver. doesn't like his job, but it pays the bills. He supports West Ham and goes to watch them every home game and the odd away. He enjoys a drink with his mates down the pub every Saturday night. Also likes to go to the cinema with his wife occasionally.

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