Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Q8) Looking backat your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product.


Since we did our prelim our final movie has turned out to be massively different
We changed our whole approach to filming and producing it.

Mise En Scene
As you can see here one of the changes to our approach of filming was mise en scene. As you can see in our prelim our lack of decent prior planning meant our filming location was poorly lit, leading to dark footage. but as you can see we changed our approach and managed to get an even better lit footage in a BASEMENT than we did in our classroom. this is an example of how since our poor planning and understanding of mise en scene in our prelim we have taken a turn for the better.

In our prelim due to the restricted amount of time we had to edit our work, we never managed to utilize extensive effects and other tools in final cut to make our prelim a better product. In our prelim we filmed the action scene of Jem getting hit in a very amateur way. We filmed from an angle that was very confusing and since then we have made considerable improvements in the way we edit the footage as well. In our final film we edited a similar scene in a better way. After Jem got hit we changed the color tone of footage to black and white and froze it all at the point the punch came in contact with Jem's face. We did this also to create meaning in our footage something we did not do much of in our prelim. This shows and contrasts the huge difference in editing skills our two films have and how much of an improvement we have made since


Camerawork And Planning

As you can see we greatly excelled in our camerawork skills. This shot above shows the detailed planning and skill we put in. The character walks up to a point before stopping at a good angle for the audience to see him as well as space behind in which another character fills in when he walks in and hits him from behind. All of the sequence is cleary visible and our prior extensive planning even meant that the mise en scene such as the location the actors clothings and even the weapon used were perfect for it.
In summary i have that i have made considerable progession whether it be techniacally or the fact that my work rate and ability to work with my partners to create a good product have improved greatley since the creation of our prelim product.

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