Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 2 - Evaluation - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Above is the opening of Action Thriller film "The Transporter" the films protagonist is Jason Statham, an actor known depicting hard-hitting, London criminals in film. Jason Statham and his wealth of leading bad boy roles provided key characteristics of what we wanted our lead character of our thriller opening to be like. We modeled our costume and narration on Jason Statham films, and he was a key intertextuality reference when consulting on representing the social group of London criminals.

Above is a video I have filmed, garnering my fellow students depiciton of what they think is a typical "London Criminal". From evaluating their responses I can see that automatically their response as teenagers was that a "London Criminal" is a teenager, wearing a hoodie and brandishing a knife. We have made a conscious decision as a group to challenge this social stereotypical view of teenagers being hooded criminals, by making our lead - a London criminal himself - being a middle class Londoner, sporting expensive clothing to try and challenge the view of what a London criminal is.

Interestingly one of my classmates said of how the media represents criminals in a very specific way, and made a reference to specific wealth groups and races - most specifically Black Britons.

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