Monday, 4 April 2011

EVALUATION - What kind of media institution might describe your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Here is a successful movie made by another student. Although it is not a opening like ours it shows how popular a video made by students can be.
So far the video has 280,074 views with likes and 313 dislikes. 
This shows that you don't need much money or famous people to have a good movie. 

We have put our video on Vimeo which is a well-known for its independent productions.
Our video has also been uploaded on to Facebook and Youtube so we can see people's reactions and how well it does on these well-known sites. The internet is a fantastic way to distribute a small production because it will allow many more people to view it very easily. It is a easy way of trying to get your film out there but there is also a lot of competition.

We was involved with Candi studios which is a small independent studio when making our thriller opening. Because we was with a small independent studio we had a low budget which meant we had bigger chances of not fulfilling some ideas, although it is a small independent studio they have very good equipment which is really useful.

Our movie will be shown in a local cinema as it is not a massive production. After being shown in the cinema there will be 200 DVD's realsed.

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