Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 4/5 - Evaluation - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product? How will you attract/address your audience?

Above is a make-shift scenario I have filmed to answer the question above. The scene above sees an aspiring filmaker (me) pitching the idea of investing advertising finances and completing the entirety of our AS Media Thriller film opening "Lying With The Enemy".

The aspiring filmaker above is pitching to an executive at Film Four, an independent film company that distributed fellow independent film "Looking For Eric". That film was invested in by Film Four and eventually won distribution rights. I picked Film Four distribution because it backs low budget films and has developed marketing techniques to compensate for low-budgets, especially in the case of "Looking For Eric" which on a limited release was able to garner an $11million box-office intake worldwide. Albeit a minor fraction of the worlds most successful film of all time's (Avatar) $2.7 billion worldwide gross, it did make a profit for the company.

When addressing how I would attract/address an audience I stated of how we as young filmakers have generated a small buzz for our film already. Using ours and our colleges resources our thriller opening was able to generate a cinema screening in North London in front of 130 young filmakers and got a very positive response. I then went on to stress that we have marketed our thriller through the interent by going viral and promoting the opening on such video streaming sites such as: Vimeo, YouTube and our thriller opening would also get a limited release of 200 DVD's something that would certainly generate more buzz.

The pitch above demonstrates that we as filmakers understand the industry and know that we would't generate film investment from such entities as Paramount Pictures or 20th Century Fox. With investment from Film Four Pictures we would hope to make the entire film with a substantial budget and generate a profit from a limited release around London showcasing it in Art cinemas and multi-screen outlets that have installed digital players.

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