Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 3 - Evaluation - Who would be the audience for your media product?

Above is a video of the "Average Dan" a character I have composed to demonstrate who I believe is the target audience for our thriller/ thriller opening, and the day to day contents you would fing in our "Average Dan"'s bag.

Our thriller targets a specific niche in the market: the London gangster genre is a fairly new one and has taken dominance specifically in the noughties decade with box-office successful releases like "Kidulthood", "London Boulevard" and "Snatch". Directors like Guy Ritchie and Noel Clarke have delivered these movies to the masses.

The films above and our thriller target elder teens to men in their 40's. Our "Average Dan" above is into hi-tech gadgets and expensive commodities, similar to the type of characters that feature in London gangster films anyway.
"Average Dan" likes to take care of his body, evident by the gym membership in his wallet, "Average Dan" isn't afraid to spend money, giving reason to why he has a high-sector credit card.

Above is a wordle of the words I would associate with the "Average Dan" that would watch our film.

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