Monday, 4 April 2011

EVALUATION - In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Many of our shots were influenced by shots we had scene from other media sources, many from films but also from advertisements and music videos
Above is our opening establishment shots we used. we used a random moving shot of a man so the audience could get a good perspective of the location our film was set in. the location being London, we thought by having a moving shot of the street it would engage the audience to the norm of the street and how things move by quickly in London by switching to another shot of something else. It also shows the business of an urban environment. the shot also moves from a wide and distance focus on to the individual. As you can see, similar shots were used in the advertisement for Chrysler.

This shot above is from the bathroom scene, we used this shot because we saw a similar one from the movie stepfather. In the stepfather it showed that the person was not mentally sane because he had all of his tools lined up perfectly. We used this in ours as well but with different tools, this was intertextuality to also show that our character was not mentally sane either. We wished we could have used better tools as these ones look very workman like, however it is all we had and we improvised and personally believed it worked.

The image above is our scene when our main character gets punched, their is a very similar scene in the film kick ass where he gets captured, like in our film, and then punched and beat up violently. We used elements of this in our shot, as you can see it is the same camera angle and motion of punching. However in ours we have added a title because ours is an opening.

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