Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Q8) Looking backat your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product.

Looking back to when we first made our prelim, you can see that we have come on great lengths. Our overall general filming has become better.

In the prelim it was one of the first times we ever had to make a short film. As you can see it was not all filmed that great. The camera shots where a bit out of place and didn't really have that good affect.

As you can see their was not much mise en scene in the prelim, we didn't take into account any sort of setting or what props we used. we just used a pencil which didn't made much sense and lowered the quality of the film. However in the final movie we concentrated a lot on mise en scene as you can see in the canary wharf scene where we concentrated on costume and props like the water.

In the prelim we also had pointless camera shots that didn't add anything to the film, like at the end when the jelly babies are walking away, the shot was not executed very well, and now we are much better at performing good quality camera shots such as the tilt in canary wharf.  We also feel we learned how to do a lot better match cuts, which we demonstrated when the bottle dropped.

Moreover we also learned how to do a lot better sound, as you can hear in the prelim the sound was not made very well, it just sounded like random sounds put together on soundtrack pro. However in the final movie we put a lot more time and effort and we switched to another program called fruit loops which we found easier to use and we made a lot better sound on that program that worked very well with our final film, or example at the very beginning of the film the beat is very exhilarating and gets you hooked and interested from the start.

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