Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION - Looking back at your preliminary task, What do you feel you have learned in the progresssion from it to the full product?

If you look back at our preliminary work you can see that we have developed a lot. Our general skills with the programs and editing improved because of our experience with our prelim which has made us create a very good thriller opening.

Here is our Prelim

And here is our final Thriller opening

As you can see there is a massive difference between the two clips.
The music we used in the prelim doesn't sound relevant to the clip and it also just begins suddenly which doesn't sound good while in our Thriller opening we have it gradually come in but still fast, we change tempo of soundtrack so it matches the events happening in the clip. You can see a massive improvement in our skills using Soundtrack Pro.

The opening in our thriller opening fades in so that it looks more professional while in our prelim the movie just starts making it look very rough. This also happens at the end of the prelim, the movie just finishes while in our thriller opening we fade it out making it look more effective and more clean.

How the prelim just starts off without a fade effect

The fade out of our Thriller opening at the end

In our prelim you see there's no titles making it look very dull. 
In our Thriller opening we made sure that we can use the titles in the best way possible, we chose the text size, font and colour that we thought would make the opening the best possible.

Mise en scene is a very important section when not only filming but also planning. 
In our prelim there is no mise en scene in our prelim, this is because we didn't plan very much when doing it. In our Thriller opening you can see that we paid much attention to the mise en scene. In the scene when I spot Jem across the road i was wearing a headset and also had a newspaper and also a bottle of water. We also used the bottle to enthuses how important the shot was when I realised who Jem was by dropping it in slow motion. Also i knock out Jem in the car park with a little pole, this is again part of the mise en scene. When we see Jem trying to escape he some kind of lock which he escapes from, he then knocks we out with a different pole.
We put a lot of thought in our mise en scene to make the opening as much tense as possible. Also the mise en scene helps us identify what type of characters they are.

We also improved in our team work skills as the project went on. We communicated with each other much better explaining our thoughts and ideas to improve the opening as much as possible.

We put a lot of thought in how to make the audience interact with our opening, making them feel the emotions the characters are going through, anger, love and hatred.

Here are another persons feedback for our Thriller opening


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